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Headquartered in Houston, Texas, PEI represents Aderco Sustainable Solutions' specialized fuel treatment additives and Marine Offshore Management's engineered vessel upgrades, repairs and asset integrity turnkey project solutions. Serving the global Maritime, Cruise and Offshore industries, PEI works in close co-operation with its clientele, acting on and behalf of its principals, to meet operational and environmental goals and challenges by improving asset reliability, efficiency, structural integrity, regulatory compliance and overall bottom-line performance.

Aderco, headquartered in Geneva, develops, manufactures and distributes fuel treatment products, including fuel conditioners and lubricity improvers. Aderco's products are 100% vegetal-organic, ashless and metal-free. With official subsidiaries in Singapore, London and Brussels, and strategic presence in Athens, Dubai, Genoa, Houston, Montreal, Genova, Sao Paulo, Conakry, Jakarta, Seoul and Sydney, combined with over 20 stocking points across the globe, Aderco provides rapid response logistics, technical sales and services to ensure outstanding customer support. Aderco products keeps your vessels running. No compromise. Just results.

Marine Offshore Management, headquartered in London and an SPS licensee, MOM provides complete project management and turnkey project execution to the offshore and maritime sectors. SPS is a structural composite used to reinstate and strengthen vessels and offshore assets. SPS technology uses existing plating as one side of a sandwich with a new top plate bonded by an elastomer core to form a composite. The resulting panel fully restores or enhances the strength of the original structure. With no hot work and low heat repair methods available, MOM offers significant schedule and financial savings over conventional approaches. The last stop for bespoke engineering projects.

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